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By the end of the course, learners will be able to instruct competently as a BCLS+AED Instructor, in compliance with industry standards.

1. Be a role model exemplary of a SRFAC-accredited instructor

2. Conduct the BCLS+AED Provider Courses in accordance with SRFAC guidelines

3. Ensure consistency with the practical performance and assessment in accordance with the standards laid down by the SRFAC

Module 1: Introduction to Instructor Course

Module 2: Cardiac Arrest in Singapore and the need for Action

Module 3: Standards of BCLS+AED Training

Module 4: Instructors and Chief Instructors

Module 5: Qualities Desired of Instructors

Module 6: Guidelines on BCLS+AED Training Centres

Module 7: Principles of Teaching and Learning

Module 8: Methods of Instruction in BCLS+AED

Module 9: Principles of Testing

Module 10: Assessment Criteria

Module 11: Safety Issues and Infection Control during BCLS+AED Training

Module 12: Equipment Maintenance

Lecture - 1 Facilitator : 18 Learners

Practical - 1 Facilitator : 6 Learners (up to 3 Facilitators per class)

P1. Valid (not expired) BCLS+AED Provider Certification (NRC-accredited/SRFAC-accredited).

P2. Prior reading completed of the BCLS+AED Provider Manual.

P3. We highly recommend individuals to have attained at least secondary two education or level 5 of ESS Workplace Literacy and Numeracy.

P4. Must be physically fit and able to render help to another individual during an emergency.

P5. Medically fit with no pre-existing medical conditions such as knee, spinal or joints injury. Learners with medical problems, such as bronchial asthma, any upper respiratory tract infection, orthopedic problems (e.g. slipped disc), are encouraged to consult their own doctors before attending the course. In case of doubt, please consult your doctor first and produce a Letter/Memo to indicate if fit for training.

P6. Pregnant ladies are discouraged from undertaking the CPR practice due to safety reasons. In case of doubt, please consult your doctor first and produce a Letter/Memo to indicate if fit for training. You are advised to defer taking the course to at least 6 weeks after delivery.

A1. Learners would need to fulfil 100% course attendance in order to be eligible for the assessments.

A2. Upon completion of classroom training, learners are required to complete T1 at any SRFAC Accredited BCLS+AED Training Centre. However, T2 must be completed at the Singapore Red Cross Academy unless prior approval is sought. Once the 2 attachments have been completed and Final Grading minimally "Good", a valid BCLS+AED Instructor Certificate will be issued.

A3. Assessment Outline:

(i) Written Assessment (During Course)

- 40 Multiple Choice Questions (80% to pass)

(ii) Practical Assessment (During Course)

- Small Group Demonstration (minimally "Fair" to pass)

(iii) Practical Assessment (Post-Course)

Observation: BCLS+AED Provider Course Observation (Based on TC's policies)

T1: BCLS+AED Trainee-Instructor Assessment 1 (minimally "Good" to pass)

T2: BCLS+AED Trainee-Instructor Assessment 2 (minimally "Good" to pass)

T1: Observations with guided training to competently deliver modules to learners preferably with little or no assistance from the designated assessor. Trainee-Instructors who are not comfortable to go for their T2 can request for additional practice sessions with SRCA. (No more than 3 sessions).

T2: Able to conduct training and assessment of a practical station without assistance from the designated assessor. Trainee-Instructors have to complete both T1 and T2 within 6 months after the end of the Instructor Course.

C1. This course is accredited by the Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC).

C2. This course is accredited by Ministry of Manpower CPD/264/A1B/022 with 12 SDU Points Awarded.

C3. A credit card-sized certificate with 2 years validity will be issued upon successful completion by attaining Competent.

C4. The Instructor Certificate is renewable once the Instructor has assumed the role as instructor at least twice per year in any NRC-Accredited BCLS+AED Training Centres.

Note: From 1st August 2018, the Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council (SRFAC) will no longer accredit stand-alone BCLS Instructor courses. All BCLS instructor courses conducted in SRCA, will now include the use of an AED and be known as the BCLS+AED instructor certification course.

- Last updated: 1 July 2018

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